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Digital Dinner – Food Printed by 3D Printer

By Victoria on March 25, 2017 in Positive News

At Columbia University in New York, a team of engineers think that food could be about to go digital. The engineers are working with chefs to generate a 3D home food printing machine. Digital cooking could have major implications for nutrition and health care in a future of highly customized food production.

Hod Lipson, Professor of Robotics Engineering, Colombia University, states that “in the kitchen people ‘still cook like cave men,’ and adds that “people cook over an open flame and use very primitive tools”. He questions what will happen when this technology enters the kitchen, but he considers that it is going to be a revolution, stating that people’s reactions often depends on their generation.

He adds “Some people will think ‘it’s a really bad idea, I want to do everything manually, the old fashioned way’. But then you have younger generations for which it seems very natural that you’d cook with software.”

The digital dinner was put to the test in a working Manhattan restaurant kitchen, where engineering students and chefs teamed up for a two-day 3D food-printing marathon.

The teams made polentas, purees and desserts with their own original designs, with sleek laptops next to the stoves.

According to researchers, their innovation is almost ready, and that marketing it is more a business question than a technological one. So…turn off the gas, turn on the printer!

3D Printer Being Used In The Kitchen To Print Food

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