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Flying Cars Now Available for Pre-Order

By Victoria on November 21, 2017 in Positive News

The prospect of flying cars now appears to be coming in the very near future. At the Top Marques Monaco luxury car show, some of the world’s most lavish supercars took a backseat to futuristic flying cars.

The notion of flying cars was once just a fixation of science fiction and imagination, but more than a dozen companies and start-ups are in different stages of flying vehicle development.
One of the vehicles at the exhibition was from Aeromobil, a company based in Slovakia, which features a hybrid propulsion system and can go from driving to flying mode in under three minutes. The vehicle can reach a top ground speed of 160 km/h and air speed of 360 km/h, and has a maximum range on the road of 700 kilometres and 750 kilometres in the air.

The Pal-V Liberty, from a Dutch engineering firm based near Breda, was also on display. The Liberty constitutes a three-wheeled gyrocoptor capable of cruising speeds of 160 km/h on land and in air. The 27-gallon petrol tank provides a 350-kilometre flight range or 1,200 kilometres on the road.

Large companies are also preparing for a world populated by flying cars. Airbus and its partner Italdesign have unveiled their proposal for an autonomous vehicle that would function on the ground and air at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Flying Cars Now Available for Pre-Order

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