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Funny Warning Labels

By Rob on November 28, 2016 in Life Blog

Almost everything you buy these days carries a warning label. And some of them are pretty funny.  A high speed spin washer carries the warning DO NOT PUT ANY PERSON IN THIS WASHER.  The Apple website once warned people NOT TO EAT THE IPOD SHUFFLE. One scooter carries the manufacturer’s warning, ‘THIS PRODUCT MOVES WHEN USED’. And of course the supermarket label on your bag of nuts tells you..‘WARNING CONTAINS NUTS’.
But not all warnings are so ridiculous, yesterday we were reminded.. that if the householder had of known when the thief would come he would have stayed up and protected his household. It is a warning to be vigilant,.. to be ready.. to be ready for what.. to be ready for the return of the Lord.
There were few expecting his birth in Bethlehem two thousand years ago. Most people were just caught up with the struggles and challenges of life. As the down town Christmas lights are being turned on and we start to look forward to Christmas.. The Advent readings remind us .. to be ready for the second coming of Christ. The scripture calls us to live lives of expectancy.
Yes, there are here and now realities that we have to manage and yet we are called to live with an eye to the heavens. Interestingly it is this perspective that actually helps us negotiate the here and now challenges — and prepares us for a future in eternity.
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