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If you could ask for just one thing..

By Stephen Johnson on January 10, 2017 in Life Blog

The poor man sat at the side of the street.  Begging.  Just like every other day.  He had lost count of how long he had been doing this for.    Life wasn’t about days, weeks and months any more.  He no longer knew his birthday.  Or what age he was.

The street started to fill.  People were getting excited.   It seemed a celebrity would be passing through today, and everyone wanted to catch a glimpse.  Sitting on the ground, there was no chance of seeing anything, but he still found himself getting caught up in the excitement.  “He must be getting close now”, he thought, because everyone was pushing and shoving.  Something about the occasion started to get to him.  Maybe it was just how invisible he felt among all these people.  So he started to shout out, at the top of his voice, asking this ‘important person’ to help him.

The crowd went quiet.  They called him forward, and he was met with a strong but gentle voice, “What do you want me to do for you?”

“Where to start?” the beggar thought.    I could do with money.  Or at least a better cup to put my money in.  Maybe a better begging spot on the street?  I wonder could I get my hip looked at?  It’s so sore from sitting on the ground all day.  Should I ask for new clothes?  These are rags, and they scare people away.  How about shelter?  Somewhere better than my cardboard box?

Finally he settled on an answer, and with unexpected clarity he spoke it out.  “Lord, let me see”.

You see, the beggar was also blind.

The ‘important person’ was Jesus of Nazareth.  In Luke’s Gospel, it says he said to the beggar, “Receive your sight; your faith has made you well.”  (Luke 18:42)

It’s never hard for us to think of things we’d like to change, or possessions we’d love to own.  But when it comes to approaching Jesus, maybe the best thing we can ask for is no different from that roadside beggar.

“Lord, let me see”.


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