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Let’s talk gadgets – @richiegadget [29 Oct 2015]

By Richie G on October 29, 2015 in richiegadget, Station News

Tune in – Thursday from 4:30 pm

Let’s look at what’s happening this week in the world of gadgets!

This week we have news on new automation tech in cars to save kangeroos, something for the kids available from plus is it really possible can we do away with toilet paper, plus our app of the week.

App of the week:
Now last Friday I was travelling on way to see James Bond for the irish premiere, traffic was busy, and I discovered the Waze app, which gives you live traffic reports as you go, and if you come across an incident you can report it on the app. Of course never while you’re driving! A community mapping app with millions of drivers across the globe joining forces to update on traffic incidents. Available for android, iphone and windows phone.

kangeroo, just cause its cute :)More on Cars and automation:
Now to cars; with Volvo who are currently testing technology in Australia that can detect kangaroos. They say that the system detects movements through a radar in the car’s grill and using light –sensitive high resolution camera on its windscreen scans the road ahead. The car breaks if it things a collision is about to happen. Why kangeroos in Australia, well apparatntly they are involved in most animal car collisions in Australia. Volvo says the tech can help to avoid thousands of accidents and reduce insurance premiums, and save kangeroos too of course! Source

Is this really possible can we do away with toilet roll
covert your loo to a bidet - it's not a joke!Canadian inventor says that toilet roll is barbaric as he’s invented a new gadget to free us from toilet paper forever. Yes, a new gadget called Tushy, clips on the side of any toilet and turns it into a continental style bidet. At around €40 this mini bidet comes in two models, one with a warm spray of water and another with a cold spray. It shoots a precise spray of water exactly where you need it, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed says its Canadian creator. And she goes onto say that “all over the world in Europe, asia and the middle east, people use bidets, using toilet paper to clean your butt is barbaric” it kinda makes you wonder what picture the north americans have of us Europeans, though Ireland and the UK prob doesn’t really count. It works by connecting the hose to your tap in the basin. Source

War on Error, little erasersWar on error
The little green men of army figures, do you remember them from you younger days, or perhaps from toy story 2 I think. So these boys have a job to do with military timing and precision. Yes your paper has been attacked with mindless mistakes in pencil these little green men are erasor’s – these “Little Green Men – War on Error Erasers” are available from Be Cool, at just 6.99 euros. I can just see myself getting distracted and playing imaginary games LOL! Buy Now!

Let’s talk Gadgets with @RichieGadget weekly on Thursday’s at 4:30 and fortnightly with Wendy Grace on the Morning Show.

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