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Let’s talk gadgets – @richiegadget

By Richie G on October 8, 2015 in richiegadget, Station News

Tune in – Thursday from 4:30 pm

Let’s look at what’s happening this week in the world of gadgets!

App of the week:

I’ve just recently picked up my guitar and decided I need to teach myself again. The only thing I’ve always struggled with is tuning, so I was delighted to find the Guitar Tuner App – Apple | Android | Windows Phone

Driverless Cars by 2020This week Toyota says that it will have driverless cars on the road by 2020! Just the latest car manufacturer that has began testing driverless cars on a public road. It’s a modified  Lexus GS and tested on Tokyo’s Shuto Expressway where they tested a number of auto-manoeuvres such as merging into highways, changing lanes and keeping correct distance between cars. The car uses multiple external sensors  to recognise vehicles and hazards to automatically alter the steering, apply the breaks and adjust the speed as necessary. Although currently it’s not legal to drive a driverless car on our roads, as much work would need to be done I’m sure on safety before legistion is changed. It of course raises questions like, should there be a back up qualified driver in the car, who’s responsible for any parking fines if there is no driver etc? Anyways Toyota say they plan to have driverless cars available from 2020 which is not so far away! Even closer, Nissan has promised driverless cars on the roads in Japan as early as 2016!!

Surface BookMicrosoft doing their best to revive the PC market which is largely being taken over with tablets and smart phones, have launched their own windows 10 laptop, called the Surface Book as part of a number of new Windows 10 products. Microsoft seem to be getting involved increasingly with their own hardware rather than just relying on other manufacturers products running the Windows eco system! Could this be the answer to beat the likes of Apple Computers at their strong hardware & software integration perhaps? And I think its probably very healthy for Microsoft to start bringing out quality products with their own hardware and software to compete with the likes of Apple! See Microsoft for more.

Orbit KeyDo you have issues with keys and key rings, fumbling through trying desperatly to remember the order of your keys on your key ring!?! The Orbit Key, a brown leather key holder, nicely keeps keys inside a ‘pen-knife’ style package and in the right order. Available for €35 from  Be Cool the gadget store here.

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