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LetsTalkGadgets #10 – the cool factor?

By Richie G on November 3, 2016 in richiegadget

Here’s the links refered to in the programme:

  • Microsoft or Mac, getting into the ‘who’s coolest now’ with new hardware
  • 1940’s camera smartphone revival from Kodak
  • Gadget of the week: what do you do with your keys and cards when out for that run

Microsoft or Apple – the new cool factor race!

Firstly, last week we saw major hardware announcements from apple & Microsoft with new hardware.

It seems to me that now Microsoft are in the race with apple to come up with the cool gadget factor when it comes to their new hardware.

Microsoft released their new desktop PC, called the surface studio – could this bring a revival to the home desktop PC when most people in the home use tablets or laptops these days.

Along with their windows 10 creator’s update due next year. aimed at the creative professional.

The following day, apple announce their updated and re-imagined mac book pro.

What’s the main difference between apple’s & Microsoft vision of the computer

  • Microsoft hanging on the touch screen
  • Apple no touch screen computers but instead a new touch bar

Source: there are many, but here’s the main one from the bbc.


1940’s camera revival comes to the smartphone

Now to cameras, do you remember the classic point and shoot camera, and how it felt and smelt in your hand – well Kodak, are reviving a smartphone camera that looks like a 1940 camera.

Hailing as ‘a classic is born again’ built on the android os, made for imaging and the first camera phone geared towards photography more than well I guess a phone. They say it’s not just about the megapixels

  • with built in innovation like DSLR functionality 21MP with f2.0 aperture (13MP front camera)
  • big on memory 3GB ram, 32GB memory on board, with expandable using SD cards
  • battery life
  • and display
  • and even shoot 4K video

and the best bit, it actually looks like a camera not a phone, and even has the anti-slip kink, like a classic camera.

source: Kodak website

a runner’s cool gadget

If you are a runner, and wonder what do do with my keys when running, the thought of them rubbing and jangling in your pocket can be very uncomfortable. Well, perhaps the Run Tech Wrist Band is for you. The difference is, this comfy wrist band comes with a zipped pocket where you can store keys, money and even a credit card. The credit card is just in case you run too far and need to pay to get back home again. Whatever you decide to put in it, whether your keys, lose change, notes or credit card it will be comfy and certainly not noisy as you run, jog or even walk your way around the block. We think they are a cool idea and they are selling very well in our stores, there is value in the simple things that make life easier.

Priced at €10 and from our friends at the Be Cool, The Gadget Store  or visit them in their Dundrum Town Center or Jervis Centre store in Dublin.


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