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#LetsTalkGadgets 13th June 2017

By Richie G on June 13, 2017 in Richie G, richiegadget

ROAMING UPDATE: Firstly an update to mobile phone roaming in the eu, though some networks in Ireland have already brought this in from the 1st June, it’s not official until 15th June (2 days time) I know some operators here are not aligning up to the new eu roam like home legislation until the 15th. Tesco mobile being one. So just again check with your service provider before you travel.

MICROSOFT XBOX X: There’s a new game console on the horizon, from Microsoft, its called, the Xbox One X, yes a bit of a mouthful so what mouth-watering new features can we expect from proberly one of the market leaders of game consoles?

Ultra hd & 4K games

Though the already available, Xbox One S, a slimmer version that also supports 4k video & games.
It’s not the first game console to have 4k capabilities Sony released the PS4 Pro last November. Yet unlike Sony’s console microsoft’s is able to play 4K Ultra-HD & Blueray discs. Both consoles can scale up existing games to take advanctage of 4k resolution.
It’s more powerful than most computers, looking at the spec, it’s like server grade, 9 core custom AMD processor running at 2.3GHZ, 12GB memory to bring enhanced real world detail in AI, and smoother interactions in your gaming
The xbox one x, is aimed at the hard-core gamer who wants the latest gaming tech and with 60 fps is a graphically amazing console. Price $499

Apple Home Pod – I could talk much about the apple announcements and of course there are all the usual announcements for ios, apple tv and mac os, but going to focus on a new product announcement. It’s not just a siri speaker, but something to as Apple say, “Rock the house”, the HomePod which not only works with voice interaction with Siri built in, but also adapts to the space it is in. 7 tweeters around the base, six microphone array and woofer. It sense the room and adapts the music accordingly by itself. And combining more than one together they’ll balance each other to create sound which is even more lifelike. Pretty impressive and can’t wait to hear it for myself though we’ll have to wait till December and the price tag of $349.


Now to something I’ve been playing with all week. The new Blackberry KeyOne its blackberry’s answer to a secure smartphone. What do you remember about blackberry phones? Blackberry were renounded for business phones with instant email, even blackberry became synonymous with getting instant email, well before what we have now with email on our phones.

So what with the new blackberry handset. The keyone bulled as a secure smartphone, built on android and re-imagines what a smartphone could be. With a touch screen and a keyboard. It is fairly on the heavey side though. At 180g 149mm high, and 72 mm wide, with just under 10mm thick, if you like a solid feeling phone then that wont worry you I’m sure.

The keyboard for typing is excellent. And it doubles up as a trackpad too, there’s a fingerprint sensor built into the trackpad. Comes with 32GB memory, expandable with up to 128GB using a micro sd card. 12 mp camera on the back, with 8mp on front.

4k video recording, auto focus large pixel 12mp camera on the front.

The best bit is the battery and charges 50% in just over 30 minutes. And can last for up to 3 days I found.

What’s good about the blackberry software, the blackberry hub which collects all your messages together in one place. You can snooze messages. One thing I would like is to snooze individual accounts like work emails so just get personal ones.

Source: <a href=””></a>

Gadget of the week – be like a secret agent with a Bluetooth headset that fits snugly in the ear. And literally now you can be like a real agent with this ear piece, if only they had it in skin colour then you really couldn’t see it. it can pair with two wireless devices at the sametime. Range of up to 10 meters and charges via usb cable included and gives up to 4 hours talk time and weighs just 6g. priced at  just under €40 and is available from


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