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#LetsTalkGadgets – Black Friday | sleepbuds | Beanie Light…

By Richie G on November 21, 2017 in Richie G, richiegadget

This week on #LetsTalkGadgets with @RichieGadget

  • Black friday & iphone X first look
  • snoring cancelling earbuds
  • Dyson Electric cars
  • Gadget of the Week: Bright-I Beane hat

It seems the world is on the verge of the biggest shopping bonanza before Christmas, known as Black Friday now one of the biggest shopping events of the year – Black Friday, it may be worth waiting for if in search of new tech. also I was in town yesterday and had a first look at the iphone X – did I like it? Well, if someone gave me one, I certainly wouldn’t complain, would I enter a 12 or 24 month contract to own a phone worth upwards of €1000? No? It seems bizarre to me that Apple have removed the fingerprint senser infavour of the Face ID unlock – do they really think that is easier? Not convinced, personally I’d much prefer the finger print unlock, for one it seems more secure, especially as there has been reports that Face ID can be tricked!

I often wonder when you’re sharing a room, with others why is it that the people who snore always manage to fall asleep first! So, if you’ve ever been in a situation where you’re sharing your bedroom with someone who snores loud and keeps you awake? Then this is for you?

Bose noise-masking Sleepbuds will help mask your partners snoring –
Started as a crowd funding campaign with thousands of backers signing up, the established audio company behind it, is Bose and have launched as prototypes on indiegogo.

Bose justified their campaign saying that thought they’ve lots of experience and research into how to deal with noise, the area of snoring and sleep disturbance is still a new space for them.

Noise cancelling is different to that of noise masking, “the difference between creating quiet inside the ear canal to creating quiet in our minds” – they say. With masking sounds pre-loaded on the sleepbuds.

The prototype pricing puts the sleepbuds at $250 per pair and will be sent to the crowdfunding participants next February and released to the general public later next year.

Source (Sky News)

There’s certain brand names that have become synonymous to specific products; hoover to vacuum cleaners, and more recently perhaps Dyson also – though maybe we wouldn’t quite say, I need to do the dysoning, or going to dyson the carpets! Anyways, certainly when we mention Dyson you probably most likely think of their super efficient vacumn cleaners!

Dyson are also working on the next generation of electric vehicles, and they say it’s all about the battery. Aparantly they’ve been working on battery technology for awhile now to make its vacuum cleaners more efficient and last march announced £1bn in battery research and development

Source (Sky News)

With the days getting shorter, and longer nights what better than something to both keep your head warm and light up the way – well this maybe is the answer, a winter warm beanie with a rechargeable usb battery, integrated light. It has 3 levels of intensity, is ideal for hands free in the dark evenings – whether taking dog for a walk, winter camping, fishing, hiking and even cyclists.

At just under €20 from

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