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#LetsTalkGadgets flying cars and moths eat plastic

By Richie G on April 25, 2017 in richiegadget
  • TV on your mobile
  • Plastic eating moths may solve pollution crisis
  • Burger King’s latest ad backfires
  • Back to the future flying cars
  • Gadget of the week: monkey speaker

TV on your mobile – with calls for the government to introduce licence fee to internet devices with screens over a certain size. It looks like mobile operators are planning to introduce a tv service, with eir, bringing sport channels to mobile, and Sky are reported to introduce their Now TV service to Ireland.


Moths, well known for eating clothes if you leave clothes around gathering dust where moths can get in. yummy. Well here’s a good use, as researchers have helped solve the problem of how to get rid of shoping bags and packaging with a moth with a taste for plastic. The lavae of the greater wax moth is hated by beekeepers across eruope because it fees on beeswax but recently discovered to enjoy munching on plastic too. Discovered by Federica Bertocchini, abeekeeper and scientist in spain, noticed the wax works liking plastic while removing them from hives.


Not sure whether to leave this one for my strange but true on Sunday, burger king being clever with technology in their latest ad which asks Google home to explain their new whopper backfires as it refer’s to Wikii, and if you don’t know wikki is editable by anyone, and so people have edited to say things like: ingredients listed such as ‘rat meat’ and ‘toenail clippings’ whoops.


Back to the future, and flying cars, great scott, well a muich based startup has successfully conducted the maiden flight of a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) prototype; or a flying car to you and I. a reported range of 300km max cruising spped of 300kmh using the same batter as a Telsa.

Gadget of the week – reminds me of the three wise monkeys – a moving monkey speaker, a real soft tow but connects with your smartphone with a earphone jack and dancea and groves to the music. Powered by usb or battery’s. priced at €34.95 and is available from bcool the gadget store.

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