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#LetsTalkGadgets – from classic games to fake tv

By Richie G on June 27, 2017 in richiegadget

This week on #LetsTalkGadgets with @RichieGadget

  • Nintendo unveils classic retro console
  • Gmail scraps scanning your gmail to target ads
  • Facebook to take on Netflix
  • Hot weather can drain your smart phone battery
  • Gadget of the Week: TV Simulator

classic game revival – Nintendo SNES

Nintendo revives classic games with a retro console SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) get this the original console which launched in 1990 sold 50 million units. Love the tag line, “The ‘90’s called; they want their controllers back”  It’s the second time Nintendo have launched a classic console – the NES classic which went on sale last year but was discontinued this April much to the frustration of fans insisting limited resouces were to blame insisting this wont be the case for the new console and they promise to significantly produce more units.

The new classic console is planed for release and ship from 29th September this year to the end of the year. it will bundle with 21 classic games built in and will retail for $79 in the US, and £79 in the UK.


Privacy on the internet is becoming increasingly important, and most people know that when you surf the net, check emails you’re being tracked and targeted for advertising. One big issue has been google’s gmail has been known to scan the users email to target ads withing gmail. Good news for gmail users as Google have made the decision to stop scanning Gmail users’ email to target personalised adverts. Though guess what it doesn’t happen automatically you have to opt out by changing your account settings. Though it doesn’t mean you wont see ads any more, just not personalised ones!


Facebook TV to rival the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, yes the war for your living room continues. Facebook already has an audience that rivals tv and radio together estimated at March this year to have more than 1.94 billion monthly active users! Compare that to the population of Ireland 4.6 million, even the US only has 321 million (based on 2015 figures) a fraction of facebook. And they’ve already said they want to be your TV. Already the social networking giant are in talks with Hollywood studios about producing TV Quality shows and is willing to commit to production budgets as high as $3million. And aims to target the 13 – 34 year olds and have already said they’ve lined up ‘Strangers’ a relationship drama, also a game show, ‘Last State Standing’ so what is TV going to look like in 5 years time.


All the hot weather and holiday season takes a toll on the smartphone, and you may have noticed while using your phone in the sun, or on holiday that your battery is gone quick. It happens for a number of reasons, the screen brightness often turned up to see in daylight, excessive use on screen demanding apps, like photos, videos; also gps using your phone with maps. Running all these apps, causes the phone to run hot and especially in hot weather can have undesirable effects. Now most phones are designed to function in hot weather but should never be kept in direct sunlight especially on hot days.

So what can you do:

  1. Limit the use of your phone and keep it out of the heat.
  2. Take it out of the case if your phone is getting hot, will help it cool down, the case can often restrict air-flow.
  3. Turn down the screen’s brightness
  4. Turn off location sharing and gps, and data when you’re not using it
  5. Limit the use of processor hungry apps, like games, video applications.

Gadget of the week: TV simulator new in the gadget store. It’s the time of the year we go away and leave our homes for extended periods. The TV simulator is new in the gadget store and simulates the TV being on as if people are watching the tv. It may seem novel but its simply clever as it is highly unlikely any intruders would enter a house where they believe people are watching TV. It contains LED lights to simulate white green blue and red tv flicker and has settings for on/of, dusk+4 or Dusk+7 hours.

It’s available from the gadget store at jus €15


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