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#LetsTalkGadgets – Mobiles, Coins & Coffee

By Richie G on March 28, 2017 in richiegadget

Gadget News for 28th March 2017

  • New high tech pound coin goes into circulation in the UK
  • Gadget of the week – real coffee on the go!

Apple News

There’s been much talk about Apple Pay, whilst until now it’s not been available in Ireland, now Ulsterbank Ireland have launched it.

Earlier this month they launched a new 9.7” ipad, a new mini ipad with a A9 chip replacing the ipad air 2, and is now just called the ipad. Base model has 32GB and is €429, there’s also a 128GB version €519 for wifi only versions. This is now their standard ipad’s.

Google News

ANDROID O, the next android version aims to make overall improvements to overall reliability of the OS, including higher quality audio over Bluetooth, better battery life, new streamlined settings app, custom fonts and icons are just a few. Out at developers currently, likely release for the summer.

Samsung getting to launch their new flagship phone!

Samsung this week getting ready to announce a new S8, Wednesday 29th not much to say on this, everything is pretty hush around this, just to say the teaser video says, Unbox your phone teasing that they’re going to re imagine what a phone is. So we’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

New high tech coin launches in the UK

If you’re thinking of travelling to the UK, you may want to watch out for the new change in your pocket. As the Royal mint introduces the new 12 sided pound coin, resembling the old thruppance coin goes into circulation today. Lighter & thinner than the existing coin. It was 30 years ago since the round coin was introduced. It’s really secure, for a coin which features a hologram which allows a £ sign to change into the number 1, when viewed from different locations, along with micro lettering and milled edges to make it harder to forge. Both coins accepted for now as legal tender but in 6 months, the old pound coins will be no longer, that’s 15 October, so if you’ve got some old coins lying around from a recent visit don’t forget them.

Gadget of the Week – coffee on the go

I love this one, it’s like coffee on the go! Wherever you are, out camping, on a walk yes this is for coffee drinkers and the coffee connoisseurs who can’t live without their caffeine. Until now you’ve had to wait till you find that good coffee shop when you’re out and about. So here’s a solution for people who love their coffee and with good cause, especially the king of coffees the Espresso. You no longer need an expensive machine to make one and you can’t usually bring them with you, until now!  Minipresso by Wacaco® is the world’s most compact espresso machine. Being hand-operated, Minipresso requires no batteries or electricity. All you need is boiling water and your favourite ground coffee. The semi-automatic piston injects water through the coffee adapter, delivering a rich & bold espresso. It uses most capsuals type, like nepresso.

Available from here.

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