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#LetsTalkGadgets Electric Cars | DAB & Irish Radio Player | Selfie Drone [02/2018 ]

By Richie G on February 1, 2018 in Richie G, richiegadget

This week on #LetsTalkGadgets with @RichieGadget

  • Tech News: Ebay drops paypal
  • Electric cars giving power back
  • Digital Radio, Alexa & the Irish Radio Player
  • Gadget of the week: Selfie Drone

Once paypal & ebay were synomynous, though demerged in 2015 becoming a separate company, and in a recent move, now ebay are dropping paypal from their site altogether!

Although for now you can still use it up until 2020. Ebay have moved to dutch firm Adyen to process payments and say it will provide lower processing costs for sellers, and will avoid people having to leave ebay to make a payment.


Electric cars probably one of the biggest paradigm’s to happen in the personal transport industry since the introduction of the petrol powered motor car! Well even now another game changer could be on the table, as researchers at Newcastle University & Imperial College London trialed electric car chargers that are able to return power back to the grid network.

Basically, it’s a bi-directional power flow allowing owners to charge vehicles when demand is low, and feed power back to the grid when demand for electricity is high, giving owners an incentive by enabling car owners to make money from their vehicles by selling back to the energy network.

A project costing almost 10 million sterling (11.19 million euro) – in the UK there are 130,000 electric and hybrid cars on the roads and the UK Government needs to increase this to have 2 million electric vehicles on the road ri reduce its carbon emissions target on zero emissions by 2030.

Source: Sky News

Digital Radio & the Irish Radio Player – Spirit Radio along with RTE and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland are currently trialing a DAB+ trial, unfortunately this is only available in the central Dublin area, but it is really testing the versatility of Digital Radio and the potential for DAB to go national in Ireland pretty easily.

It’s linked in with the Irish Radio player available on Android and Iphone devices whch will now even work with Amazon Alexa Devices, such as the Amazon Echo, with the launch of Alexa skill and enabling Alexa using the irish radio player will allow Alexa to respond to commands like, Alexa, ask “Irish Radio player to play Spirit Radio”

If you’re considering buying a Digital Radio then make sure it is DAB+ not just DAB many of the radio station you can buy in ireland are only DAB which is great for the UK, or just receiving RTE but wont receive anything else, once DAB+ hopefully goes national. Come on Comreg!!!

Source: IBI Ireland

This is one, next time I do letstalkgadgets from the store I have to investigate further for sure! New in at the gadget store!

here’s what the Gadget Store says “…when we got to fly it, it didn’t disappoint. It comes with Headless mode, which means it can fly forward in any direction (much easier to fly), it has a return to home function and altitude hold. That’s just the start, the E51 is also an FPV (First Person View) drone so you see exactly what the drone sees as you fly it. and by the way, their is a reason it is called a selfie drone, and yes, you got it! It takes perfect selfies and without that giant stretch arm you see in most selfie photos. “

Source: BeCool! The Gadget Store

Special price at the mo, reduced from 99.95 to 69.95 and I want one!

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