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#LetsTalkGadgets Google Doodle | Soundscape App | 3310 update [03/2018]

By Richie G on March 8, 2018 in Richie G, richiegadget

This week on #LetsTalkGadgets with @RichieGadget and joined on International Women’s Day Tamara Harawa:

  • The Google Doodle championing female artists
  • New Soundscape App helps visually impaired navigate cities
  • Lego goes eco green by 2030
  • Nokia 3310 gets revamp
  • Gadget of the week: Troika Construction pen

International Women’s Day Google Doodle

International women day, where we celebrate women around the world, their achievements, skills and more!

To celebrate Google shares its platform by replacing the usual Google logo on its search page with one to celebrate  stories from around the world that champion female artists from around the world.

These stories by 12 different artist from around the world will just help the world to understand how women deal with different situation and a talk from woman to woman. Check out the Google Doodle search page while its active, using #GoogleDoodle and share yours using #HerStoryOurStory!


The Visual impaired navigation app from Microsoft. Many of us have been been affected in one way or the other with our friends who are visually impaired, as someone who grew up with a family member with this kind of physical challenge.

Anything that gives visually impaired people a greater independence is surely welcome, rather than worrying about them especially when it comes to them walking on their own, but thanks to Microsoft, for introducing the app that will help to build mental image of what around them, the app will be able to create the soundscape that helps them know what’s coming around and Road intersections.

The app is available on smartphone currently on iPhone, iOS but not yet Android.


This week Lego have announced they are going green as they look to make there products more environmentally.

Later this year Lego will start using Eco friendly plastic made out of sugarcane for its trees, bushes and leaves making its shrubbery quite literally really green!

The Danish toy manufacturer pledges to make all its products eco-friendly, including its packaging by 2030.


They is always something that reminds everyone about their past, and Nokia doesn’t want to forget that, those were the good old days where Nokia 3310 was a buzz, if you had one you were a man or woman, as heavy as it was, there was no problem carrying it out on the side of your pockets, and No, it did not cause Hip dislocation, but introduced us to snake game.

As it wasn’t enough that they have brought back the 3310, in a smaller size and lighter, with the famous snake game on, now the phone has been changed again into a smart phone, with android apps, though the phone is available in china, but as long as there is a demand , Nokia 3310 might just be in mobile stores.

Source: DigitalSpy

Just like a mobile phone is not just a phone, so is the pen not just a pen in this weeks Gadget of the week!

It’s called the Troika construction pen, and is made out of an attractive metal brass coloured barrel. It’s a ruler, a spirit-level, a philips and flat head screwdriver and even has a capacitive touch stylus for your phone or tablet and comes in an attractive gift box.

It’s new into the gadget store at just under €35.

Source: BeCool! The Gadget Store

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