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#LetsTalkGadgets @RichieGadget

By Richie G on August 18, 2016 in Richie G, richiegadget
  • Self driving cars
  • A new way to exercise using virtual reality
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Self Driving Cars:

The company that brought affordable car’s to the masses, Ford, are set to bring self-driving. It will be mass-produced and fully autonomous self-driving car without a steering wheel by 2021. A bold ambition outlined by the company president Mark Fields at an event in California, as it double’s its investment in its research centre in the city of Palo Alto.

So could this be a total sea-change and paradigm shift in how we use our vehicles, the experience inside a vehicle where you don’t have to take control changes everything. Ford is now describing itself in recent years as not just a car company but a technology company. Hmmm I wonder where they got that idea from? Listening to the president of the company they’ve definitely a vision of the future they’re aiming for which kinda reminds me of the likes of Steve Jobs and Apple.

I’d imagine still legislation for using driverless cars needs to be made for permission to drive on public roads. One of the latest thoughts for example that you still need a qualified driver in the car to take over if needed.


Virtual Reality & Cycling;

Cylcing is good exercise, and the thought of cycling miles and miles for some people is not appealing which is why I guess people use stationary bikes at home or the gym. Well how about the best of both worlds as a Man in the UK, plans to use virtual reality headset to cycle the length of the UK!

Game developer wants to cyle the length of the UK using virtal reality and Google Street View. Aaron Quewsy plans to cycle the length of britian cycling 1500 virtual km as he hooks up his exercise bike to a set of virtual reality goggles. Could it catch on in the local gym?


App of the Week: Carbs & Cals

Billed as the only food carb and calorary counting app that use food photos. Available for both iphone and android, sorry windows users. It takes a revolutionary approach allows you to visually compare the food on your plate to the photos in the app to see quickly the nutrients in your meal. Perfect for those counting calories, monitoring carbs and helps for those who want to improve their portion control or loose weight. It’s not a free app, costs 4.99 in the app stores. Loads of useful resources too on their website

Rubik Cube Light

This is cool, I like this a lot, though if you were frustrated with the classic rubik’s cube you may not want to see it in the corner of your room as a light! Anyways that aside, the Rubik Cube, has just become a tad more fascinating. Yes it’s a desk light, and you can even start twisting and turning it just like a real rubik’s cube. It’ll look cool as a cool bedside or destop lamp, it’s rechargeable and looks fantastic when switched on. And the great thing is you can pick it up anytime and solve the puzzle, or in my case just mess it up. Recharged by usb, lasts for 2 hours. And available from becool the gadget store for just shy of 45 euro.


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