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Robots Interact With Children To Help With Their Diabetes

By Victoria on September 12, 2017 in Positive News

A European research project is being undertaken that uses electronic games to help children with diabetes. The project involves the use of specially created apps on children’s tablets to train them to choose the right food, count carbohydrates and keep track of their activities – in more of an interactive and fun way than books currently provide.
The research involves three hospitals and two diabetes organisations in the Netherlands and Italy. On their clinical visits, the children can play with a robot programmed to be not just a trainer but a friend. The robot plays like a human, occasionally making mistakes that the children can correct.
According to Rosemarijn Looije, who is a researcher in human-machine teaming, “People have a tendency to humanise robots, and humanisation helps us with the bonding between the child and the robot. That improves their engagement,”
Paediatricians can program the robot to set individual objectives for each child, and researchers have noticed that children who have an electronic pal like this are happier to come back for their regular check-ups.
“Kids love this robot! Children don’t usually like going to the clinic, they prefer playing with their friends. But this robot makes them want to attend their check-ups. They take selfies with the robot, show their friends that diabetes is not just a burden,” according to Roos Nuboer, paediatric diabetologist at the Meander Medical Centre.

Robots Interact With Children To Help With Their Diabetes

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