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Self Driving Cars??

By Rob on March 10, 2016 in Life Blog

The cover of Time Magazine was up to its usual tricks.. pushing us to think about a familiar problem in a new way. This time it was a picture three people lounging around in a car motoring along the highway.. except this time the driver’s seat was empty..
The article inside told us there are three things we need to know about self driving cars. One; they are here. Two: They are superior drivers and Three: They are going to change everything.
Hmmm not sure what you think about that.. but I’m not sure I’m ready to hand the drivers seat over to a computer.
As a young lad I remember sitting next to my dad as we headed north to Otaki. My Dad much to the horror of my mum would allow me to take the wheel and steer the family station wagon through the sweeping curves of State Highway One. And many is the time I nipped out to the garage and practiced the gear changes in the parked car. As soon as I was old enough I got my licence. Driving is somehow one of those pleasures that is tied into feelings of having arrived, of autonomy and independence…
Perhaps this is the reason why the metaphor,.. ‘Jesus take the wheel’ has always resonated with me.
As I journeyed through my teen years I came to realise that making Jesus the Lord of my life meant handing over authority to him. Allowing him to speak into the big and the small decisions of life. It was like inviting him to sit in the drivers seat.
Now to be honest I resisted doing this for some time — I was afraid of where he might lead me. But you know what — here is the mystery — inviting Christ to take the drivers seat brought me into a delicious freedom. Over many years I’ve learnt that he knows all about big adventures. Like a good coach he knows how to bring the best out of me.
In the words of Time Magazine. He really is here. He is a superior driver and he does change everything.

So who is at the wheel in your life?

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