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The Movie ‘Captive’.

By Rob on March 6, 2017 in Life Blog

Movies based on true stories are often more interesting. ‘Captive’ made in 2015 tells the story of Mike Nichols a former American Football player.
Seething with anger for a crime he said he didn’t commit, Nichols knocks out the courthouse guard, takes his gun, shoots the judge and three other people. In the chaos that follows, Nichols escapes into the streets and hijacks a car.
An hour later he’s driving through the suburbs and spots a young woman about to enter her home. Ashley Smith is a single mother. Nichols quickly overpowers her, and drags her inside the house where he ties her up.
Ashley is a drug addict, who is struggling to care for her child. Her life is bit of a mess
While the police are out searching the streets, inside the house the conversation between the man on the run and the young mother starts to develop. Two broken people looking for answers.

When Ashley asks if she can read her book, Nichols insists she read it out loud so he can listen. Ashley has been attending a recovery group at the local church and has an unopened copy of Rick Warren’s best selling book, ‘The purpose driven life’ sitting on the table.

She picks it up and starts to read. Nichols is like a caged tiger, angry and unable to think straight — but eventually he starts to focus and listen as Ashley reads,

“God created us all for a purpose in this life. He has given us all capacities and talents. He has a job for each one of us to do…”  

Nichols is in a state but the words offer a glimmer of hope and seem to suggest a way forward. Slowly Nichols faces up to his situation and eventually gives himself up to the police without further violence.

It’s an intense movie. Two things strike me. Ashley Smith is a woman, with problems of her own and yet God uses her to bring truth and direction to a desperate man in a desperate situation.
And secondly, hearing truth helps Nichols gain a new perspective. Just reading things that true can make a real difference for every one of us. As Paul writes ‘Faith comes by Hearing’.
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