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Word for Tuesday – Psalm 65:8

By Richie G on October 2, 2018 in Word for today

‘The whole world stands in awe of the great things that you have done. Your deeds bring shouts of joy from one end of the earth to the other.”

Psalm 65:8 GNT

Just this week in church, I was sharing how at bible college I remember writing a paper, and writing one line that has always stuck with me, “people outside of church looking in should see ‘boring’ but see ‘amazing’ because of the good things God is doing and want to be part of that!”

Psalm 65 is a ‘shout of joy’ giving testimony of how the Lord is providing for us. There is so much need in the world. Yet there is also plenty of provision. My prayer is that the plenty would end up in the hands of the needy.

How you see suffering possibly dictates how you see God, Yet. suffering in the world is not the fault of God, but an opportunity for people to express God’s love to the world!

Is not the greatest wonder when we see people helping others?

Today give thought to the good things you see God doing in a hurting world. To see how we can express God’s love to people we meet today.

Dwell on the amazing things God is doing, yes, indeed shout about them. Let the whole world hear the wondrous things God is doing through us!

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