2-Year-Old Overcomes Stage 4 Cancer

Written by on 23rd January 2018

In the US, two-year-old Gideon Purchase has overcome stage 4 cancer with breakthrough treatment at a children’s hospital in Tennessee. His healthy appearance and happy personality hide the arduous battle he fought for most of his brief 2 years of life.

When Gideon was 6 months old, he lost his appetite, began to sleep poorly, and became more fussy than usual. His parents thought that the symptoms were due to his teething. However, a yellowish bruise appeared over one eye, and the next day, it covered both eyes and a lump appeared on his head.
An emergency visit to their doctor yielded the devastating diagnosis of stage 4 high-risk neuroblastoma.

Gideon’s parents were distraught, but the doctors had a plan. They started Gideon on a new clinical trial that uses a unique approach to immunotherapy, and the technique combines an antibody with chemotherapy at the beginning, middle and end of treatment.
Within 6 weeks Gideon saw a dramatic change and today, Gideon is a cancer-free, energetic 2-year-old. His parents now savour every moment they can with him.


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