Month: January 2018

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In Northern Israel, scientists are working on a European project aimed at developing drought-tolerant tomatoes. The aim behind the project is to find a tomato that would require 90% less irrigation than ordinary varieties, would be extremely resistant to drought, taste good, have a nice texture and provide a steady yield. The experiment involves growing […]

Capsizes, lost oars, black eye, visit from a whale, Christmas on the Ocean… Former professional Rugby player Damian Browne is on Day 24 of his solo row across the Atlantic.  Steve and Wendy talk about his progress. Find out more at

In County Cork, Ireland, a group of breast cancer survivors have found that dragonboat racing can be an ideal form of physical and mental therapy. Dragonboats are long canoe-like boats, and each dragonboat carries 18 people — 16 paddlers, a drummer, and a helmsman or helmswoman — for an evening of fun on the waters […]

Reverend Baden Stanley speaks to Wendy Grace on the topic ‘Finding the place of peace when we have overstretched our limited energy’.

In Italy, an international team of scientists have launched an unprecedented exploration project in the waterways beneath the city of Venice using swarms of autonomous underwater robots. The project has designed three different bio-inspired robot species: an aPad robot floating on the water surface, an aFish swimming in shallow waters and an aMussel robot covering […]

Dr Tobias Winright attended about an international symposium on nuclear disarmament where Pope Francis made a key intervention – condemning the possession of nuclear weapons, even as a ‘deterrent’.

In Cork, a computer programme that can detect seizures in new-borns has been developed by researchers at the Infant perinatal research centre.A number of technology companies have already expressed interest in the programme which has been tested cotside in a clinical trial that involves over 500 babies across eight European countries. Professor Geraldine Boylan, principal […]

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