Month: October 2018

John Pontifex shares the breaking news that the Pakistan Supreme Court has acquitted mother of five Asia Bibi, who has been on death row for the last 8 years on charges of blasphemy. John Pontifex is Head of Press and Information at ‘Aid to the Church in Need’. Photo © British Pakistani Christian Association.

Caring for hens is relatively simple and their personalities and behaviour are elaborate, making them super therapy animals, according to writer Geraldine Walsh. In an article in the Irish Examiner, she says the decision to become a hen owner started as a spur-of-the-moment decision but it has become a way of life. She wasn’t sure […]

In Bali, Indonesia, surfer and inventor Kevin Kamala has founded a social enterprise making alternatives to plastic packaging and single-use plastics using natural products.  Bali is a tropical island paradise, with its pristine white sands beaches, but much of its shoreline is now becoming saturated with plastic rubbish. Kamala decided to get to work on […]

Wendy chats with Sarah Johnson about ideas for family activities during the Autumn Midterm Break.

In a new venture, aerial drones are being used to deliver blood supplies to remote areas of Africa. Previously, drones have been put to all sorts of uses, including fighting wildfires, inspecting pipelines and spying on poachers.  And now they’re helping save lives. In 2016, a Silicon Valley start-up company began using its drones to deliver […]

Australia has pledged over 500 million Australian dollars to help preserve the Great Barrier Reef, in an effort to protect the world heritage site from the effects of climate change. The funding, which was announced recently, constitutes part of a conservation plan that will see the Australian government partner with the Great Barrier Reef Foundation […]

In the United States, steps are being taken to deal with the growing problem of Internet addiction, which is having an impact on health, wellbeing and relationships. One centre that deals with the problem of Internet addiction is called reSTART.  Located in Washington State, the organisation runs residential programmes for people – mostly young men […]

In Iraq’s Baghdad, a new bookstore is making waves — not for the titles it sells but for the woman who owns it. Abdul Hadi Mudher al-Biyati is the first woman to run a publishing house and shop on al-Muntanabbi Street, which is home to the Iraqi capital’s historic book market. Al-Muntanabbi Street, which is […]

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