An Eye for Business in West Cork

Written by on 9th February 2018

London-born Caroline Murphy never thought she would end up selling eggs in West Cork, Ireland. But after moving to Cork she bought 4 hens and slowly but surely built up an egg business from there.

Caroline saw she had a good wholesome product to push and started getting it onto the supermarket shelves and into some of Cork’s finest restaurants and hotels.
For the first six months Caroline did all the van delivery of eggs herself. She said she found it a great grounding for herself and to meet the local store managers to build connections.
She says that she has always believed that it is important to be nice in business so when her business expanded and she hired a van driver she told him “please don’t be the grumpy van driver!”

Today, 18 SuperValu stores across the county stock Caroline’s West Cork Eggs, together with independent retailers and restaurants, which is a great result for the plucky London girl with an eye for business in rural West Cork.

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