Art on the street

Written by on 27th April 2023

A Banksy-style street artist in France is turning urban decay into something beautiful, while also making the streets safer for pedestrians.

Describing himself as a “sidewalk poet and pavement surgeon”, the anonymous Lyon-based artist fills hazardous potholes with colourful mosaics.

Inspired to act by the dreary sight of a pothole in front of his workshop, he filled it with a colourful picture made from a mixture of small tiles and pieces of ceramic.

Calling his creations “flackings”, a play on the word flaque which is French for puddle, the artist said that when he saw the effect his work was having on people around, he knew he was going to fill holes for the rest of his life.

His work is already gaining official recognition, and six pieces have been commissioned by the Lyon authorities. There are also reports that they might soon be spotted in other countries, including Ireland.

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