Australia’s Oldest Wombat

Written by on 6th March 2018

In Australia, Winnie the wombat recently celebrated her 31st birthday, making her the oldest wombat in Australia and probably the world. To celebrate the occasion, her keepers at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Australia made two special vegetable and fruit cakes.

Winnie was orphaned as a joey and hand raised at Birdland Animal Park before moving to Australia’s National Zoo in 1992. Wombats usually live to be around 20 in captivity and only 15 in the wild, but Winnie is still active and playful – and a bit of a favourite with the staff. “She’s a happy little wombat who loves her food and back scratches,” says her keeper Danielle Johinke.

And Winnie is not only loved by staff – she has become a bit of a celebrity with her own Facebook page and people making special trips to see her.

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