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Pastor Solomon Aroboto of Arklow Christian Community Church talks to Wendy about the question Jesus put to his disciples.  How we answer the same question can determine how much of the power of ‘The Christ’ we experience in our own lives.

Investigative journalist Vanessa Beeley is on the ground in Damascus, Syria.  She tells Wendy the exploitation of an alleged chemical attack in Douma is moving the US and Russia closer to armed conflict on Syrian soil.

Dr Patrick Fagan of the MARRI Institute says Minister Simon Harris’ plans to introduce free contraception to reduce abortion rates will have the opposite effect. To access MARRI report see link (pages 59-67 address Contraception Use).  

Former Taoiseach John Bruton discusses the legacy of the 8th Amendment.   He recalls the reasons why it was introduced in 1983, while he was a Minister in the Garret FitzGerald-led Government.

What temptations did Jesus face? And what we can learn from them?  Rev. Baden Stanley talks to Wendy.

The upcoming referendum on the right to life of the unborn reflects a constitutional crisis in our country, according to journalist and author John Waters. You can read more at First Things

This week’s prayer coach, Gary McDowell, tells Wendy we should always be expectant of God doing new things in our lives. Gary McDowell is Minister at Greystones Presbyterian Church in County Wicklow. *Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Capsizes, lost oars, black eye, visit from a whale, Christmas on the Ocean… Former professional Rugby player Damian Browne is on Day 24 of his solo row across the Atlantic.  Steve and Wendy talk about his progress. Find out more at

Dr Tobias Winright attended about an international symposium on nuclear disarmament where Pope Francis made a key intervention – condemning the possession of nuclear weapons, even as a ‘deterrent’.

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