Baby Who Weighed 1 Pound 6 Ounces at Birth Has Started Play School

Written by on 12th March 2018

A little boy who was born at 28 weeks, weighing just one pound and six ounces, has recently started play school.

His parents Liz and Denis Sheridan, who had been devastated by the loss of their first baby at 18 weeks, were to meet their son Mark sooner than planned.

Liz, who had HELLP syndrome, which is a life-threatening pregnancy complication, was hospitalised when she was around 27 weeks pregnant as a precaution, and one week later, little Mark arrived.
Liz, mum of Mark, says “the family is so, so lucky, for what was such a rough start. The doctors and nurses didn’t expect much of him”, and she adds that they are just one of the lucky ones. She says her son is perfect.

When Mark was born he wasn’t breathing at all and Mum Liz was not feeling great. She was in a high dependency ward, and things weren’t looking good for Mark. Her liver was under pressure, and the staff were doing their best to stabilise her.
She had to sign a consent form for a plasma transfusion, and her son was two days old before she got to see him.”

It wasn’t until Mark was five days old that Liz got to touch her son through an incubator.
Both mother and baby recovered well, and Mark has recently started play school and is doing brilliantly. His teachers notice no difference between him and any of the other children except that he’s currently a little smaller.

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