Prayer Coach

In the midst of tough times it’s easy for people to feel God is forsaking or neglecting them.  Pastor Solomon Aroboto of Christian Community Church, Arklow, talks to Wendy about understanding God in tough times.

Remembering who God is can make a huge difference in our day to day lives.  Reverend Gary McDowell in conversation with Wendy.

Rev. Baden Stanley chats with Wendy about how we can go deeper in our relationship with Jesus.

Pastor Solomon Aroboto of Arklow Christian Community Church talks to Wendy about the question Jesus put to his disciples.  How we answer the same question can determine how much of the power of ‘The Christ’ we experience in our own lives.

What temptations did Jesus face? And what we can learn from them?  Rev. Baden Stanley talks to Wendy.

Fr John Klockeman speaks to Wendy Grace on the topic of listening out for the voice of God.

10th January 2018

This week’s prayer coach, Gary McDowell, tells Wendy we should always be expectant of God doing new things in our lives. Gary McDowell is Minister at Greystones Presbyterian Church in County Wicklow. *Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash

Reverend Baden Stanley speaks to Wendy Grace on the topic ‘Finding the place of peace when we have overstretched our limited energy’.

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