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Fionn Fereirra, an 18-year-old student from Ballydehob in County Cork has won the top prize at the Google Science Fair in the United States for his project which removes microplastics from water.

Lauren Daigle’s album ‘Look Up Child’ has set a new Billboard record. It has been at number one on the Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart for 39 weeks now. The album recently won her a Grammy,and  was certified platinum and  she became the first female to have a song on both the Christian Airplay and […]

An Irish nun from Co.Clare has been awarded a prestigious medal for teaching and promoting interfaith relations in Pakistan. Sr Berchmans spent almost 70 years working in Pakistan, where she taught Muslim, Christian, Parsi and Hindu children. St Mary’s University in London has awarded her the Benedict Medal, which is the Catholic University’s highest honour, […]

We came across this today and we really like it!

Allen Langham was in studio recently he spoke to Rónán about his new book release ‘Taming of a Villain: A Message of Hope’. This book teslls the story of how a violent criminal and drug addict was transformed by God’s love. You can listen to the podcast by clicking here..

In the U.S., a waitress at a ‘Waffle House’ restaurant in La Marque, Texas, was surprised with being gifted a scholarship from a local university after an act of kindness she showed to a customer was captured on camera. Evoni Williams received much praise when she was seen cutting up food for an elderly customer […]

In the U.K., researchers are developing an interactive tool that will assist in the design of spaces of peace and calm in cities.  Residents of Brighton, Edinburgh and Sheffield are being invited to identify outdoor places that they experience to be quiet, calm or tranquil as part of a project aimed at dealing with the […]

In Sweden, the world’s first electrified road, which recharges the batteries of trucks and cars as they drive along it, has opened. The road is located outside Stockholm and transfers energy from tracks of rail in the road, recharging the batteries of electric cars and trucks as they drive. The public road near Stockholm now […]

In the UK, Bob Brewin is pioneering a new technique in satellite oceanography – by going surfing. The Plymouth Marine Laboratory scientist uses his surfboard to take sea surface temperature measurements, which he then uses to better interpret satellite data.  He does so because there is a real need for those measurements. He says that […]

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