Centenarian’s Award

Written by on 3rd April 2023

100 year old, Peter Davies has been given a prestigious award in King Charles the thirds’s, New Year’s Honours list.

Following the death of his wife of 72 years, Peter decided to give his time to help the younger generation, so he returned to school to help out as a reading volunteer.

Mr Davis, said “my wife’s death left me feeling like a “lost soul”, but volunteering at the school gives purpose to my week – plus when I’m out and about in the village, a child will shout out ‘Hello Mr Davies’ and I feel 10 feet tall.”

The school’s head teacher, was full of praise saying that Peter has gifted his time to instil a love of reading in the children and that he is “inspirational, generous, considerate and thoughtful.”

The 100 year old World War II veteran was the oldest person to ever receive a ‘British Empire Medal’ and he is helping to highlight the very positive contributions older people are making in society.

Photo credit bbc.com/news/uk-england-manchester

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