Computer Programme Developed to Detect Seizures in Newborn Babies

Written by on 1st January 2018

In Cork, a computer programme that can detect seizures in new-borns has been developed by researchers at the Infant perinatal research centre.
A number of technology companies have already expressed interest in the programme which has been tested cotside in a clinical trial that involves over 500 babies across eight European countries.

Professor Geraldine Boylan, principal investigator in the ANSeR study— Algorithm for Neonatal Seizure Recognition — stated that they have “trained the algorithm over many years to detect seizures”.

The two-year trial, which was completed earlier this year, involved babies deemed at risk of seizure due to a difficult birth. Seizures are difficult to detect in babies because they often don’t show any visible signs.
The trial showed that seizures can be detected when the algorithm is utilised in real-time at the cotside, providing expert help.

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