Designer who celebrates her culture through fashion

Written by on 20th September 2018

Anne Berit Anti’s is an indigenous designer who celebrates her culture through fashion. Her designs are inspired by the remote Norwegian landscape, and her people: the Sami.

The Sami are to be found North of the Arctic Circle in Norway. Anne lives a short drive from the town of Karasjok, which hosts Norway’s Sami parliament and the Sami National Museum. And she tells stories of her people through her fashion brand, Abanti.

In 2011, Anne graduated from Norway’s top fashion school in the capital, Oslo. She says that after such an education, people usually go to London or Paris, but she went home. She contends that if the Sami people don’t live in this region, there will be no culture.

The Sami people number somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000, with the majority living in Norway but some also live in Sweden and Finland, and a few thousand live in Russia. Some are nomadic reindeer herders.

Anne says that the Sami have a lot of things to do to protect their identity and way of life. Her way involves the use of design, so people get to know the Sami.

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