Energy Self-Sufficient Island

Written by on 21st March 2018

The small Greek island of Tilos aims to become energy self-sufficient, by using only renewable sources.
This tiny island in the Mediterranean could become the ultimate green territory, and it could be possible to cover the island’s electricity needs, even during August.
The island of Tilos, which has a population of just 500, is playing a leading role in an award-winning European research project and is aiming to meet at least 75% of its energy needs with just renewables: solar and wind power.

According to mechanical engineer John K. Kaldellis of Piraeus University of Applied Sciences “The system being installed can provide maximum power of around 1,000 kilowatts; that’s 1 megawatt”.
He says that wind power represents 800 kilowatts and solar power, 160 kilowatts, which means that they could cover the island’s electricity needs even during peak tourist season in August.
Informations sur les Publicités Twitter et confidentialitéThe main challenge for researchers was to build a polyvalent, resilient storage system for the power generated, which depends heavily on wind and sun availability.The investigators opted for special Sodium-Nickel batteries.
According to the electrical engineer “These batteries can work no matter if is very cold or very hot outside”.
Scientists expect the whole system should be operational in 2018.

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