Hidden Talent

Written by on 19th April 2023

A young father is baffling doctors, after he awoke from a coma and discovered he had artistic talents like never before.

Mo Hunter was struck down by a rare form of bacterial meningitis and tuberculosis in his brain, that left him fighting for his life. He had spent over a month in a coma, when doctors performed lifesaving brain surgery.

His quick recovery was the first thing that surprised doctors who described him as ‘a walking miracle’.

His friends and family were also surprised by his unusual creativity, as the 38-year-old suddenly had a talent for drawing, painting, and model building.

He describes himself as being ‘rubbish’ at art during his school days, and was more interested in football and computer games.

Neurologists have described his new talent as a phenomenon, and admitted there is so much about the brain’s abilities that we still don’t understand fully.

Mo has used his new abilities to embark on a career as a carpenter, and enjoys building intricate model replicas of his favourite superheroes and film icons.

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