Irish Nurses Celebrate 50 Year Reunion

Written by on 15th March 2018

Nursing is a profession that often sees those who are newly qualified leave Irish shores.
Nurse Pat Leavy was told by her husband that she would not be able to track down the members of her nursing course from 50 years ago in Dublin, but she set about taking up the challenge.

Ms. Leavy (67) explained how there were 21 trainees when the course began, five decades ago, and she said, that sadly four of their number had died. “From 21, four died, and that left us with 17,” Pat said.
Some of her former colleagues had started new lives abroad in places such as Dubai, Australia and the US, and some she couldn’t get in touch with, but those she did manage to contact were more than happy to arrive on the big day.

14 out of the 17 former nurses from her course, all of whom began their studies in 1967 in Dublin gathered together to catch up. They shared their memories of training and talked about their lives that were dedicated to helping others.
It was the first time the group had got together in 47 years, and they all had a wonderful day.

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