K N E A D Peace

Written by on 26th May 2023

Since the invasion of Ukraine, a bakery in Kyiv has given away 100,000 loaves to soldiers, hospitals and the elderly, and inspired the world’s top bakers to create a new recipe book.

Early on in the war, ‘Bakehouse’, founder Anna and her team crowdfunded so they could stay open after a warehouse holding their stock was obliterated by Russian airstrikes. They stopped producing the 30 different types of bread they once made to focus on producing a traditional Ukrainian white yeasted loaf called a ‘baton’.

British chef and sourdough baker Andrew Green was inspired by the blitz spirit of Kyiv artisan bakery, and decided to bring the global baking community together to curate a charity recipe book for Ukraine.

Entitled, the ‘Knead Peace project’, as in ‘K-N-E-A-D’ – the book is a collection of recipes donated by some of the world’s top bakers and of course it also features Anna’s recipes too.


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