Man Proposes to Girlfriend In front of Pope Francis

Written by on 30th January 2018

A former lawmaker and political exile Darío Ramírez from Venezuela who now lives in Panama, recently proposed to his girlfriend under unusual circumstances.

He met his fiancé, Maryangel Espinal, in church a year and a half ago, so it made sense to him to propose in a religious setting. So he decided to use his audience with Pope Francis as an opportunity to ask Espinal for her hand in marriage.

Ramírez and Espinal were at the Vatican as part of a delegation of Catholic legislators from around the world. Ramírez spent a few minutes chatting with the Argentinian pontiff about the political and economic upheaval in Venezuela before changing the subject to something happier ― and a complete surprise for Espinal.
“She thought we were just going to talk about Venezuela”, says Remirez, but he explained to the Holy Father that Espinal was the woman of his life. He had met her in church, felt that God had put her in his life, and he wanted to propose to her. Once Espinal got over the shock, she replied “Yes, of course.”

The couple then received a blessing from the pontiff, and the crowd of other delegates cheered the proposal.

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