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The Breakfast Show

with Keith and Mizz

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Out of the blue, during covid, I received a phone call from the station asking could I cover the Breakfast Show each morning for a few weeks over the Summertime. My co-presenter Miz and I hit it off immediately, probably because we agree on little, but it’s fun on air! Well, we’re still here and please God we will be for several more months and years to come.

I’ve been a Radio Presenter for over 30 Years on various Radio Stations across the Country from Talk to Music Driven shows.

Fun Facts

I was the Sports Broadcaster for the Ryder Cup at the K Club in 2008, and several Smurfit Opens through the years
This year I won my first Golf Perpetual Trophy. What makes this very special, my late Dad won the same trophy 50 years previous

Favourite Quote

“There are four very important words in life.
Love, Honesty, Truth and Respect.
Display each one of them at all times,
because without these in your life,
you have little”

Favourite Spirit Song

Hurricane Highway – Sha La La
This was the first song I heard on Spirit Radio. It’s such an uplifting song that makes you feel good just listening to it.

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