24th July with Jacki Ascough

24th July 2021

Feat’ Joanna Fortune, Marty Woods and Charlo the Chef

Joanna Fortune spoke about the special relationship between a child and their grandparents.

Marty Woods from the Japanese International Sports Partnership spoke about the atmosphere in Japan around the Olympics.

Charlo the Chef told Jacki what ingredients are in season and had a summer recipe for Gooseberry Fool.

Gooseberry Fool   Serves 4

260Gg Gooseberry, topped and tailed 

3 tbp caster sugar

200g Greek yogurt 

1-2 tbsp icing sugar 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

230 ml double cream 

1- Put Gooseberries and Sugar into a pan with a splash of water.

2-Heat gently, stirring fruit until its begins too simmer and the fruit pops 

3- Squash the Gooseberries with a masher or fork until pulpy

4-Cool and chill till needed

5-Put yogurt into a separate bowl and beat in the icing sugar and vanilla until combined and smooth 

6-Gently whisk in the cream, it will thicken as you whisk so don’t overdo it 

7- Fold through the Gooseberry pulp, then spoon into pretty glasses or bowls to serve.

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