Street Charities To Go Contactless With Card Donations

Written by on 12th February 2018

The days of fumbling for change to give to a street charity may be coming to an end, as recently the Simon Community have been accepting Apple Pay and Android Pay phone swipes around Dublin streets.

AIB Bank is assisting the initiative, and donated a number of contactless ‘Clover’ terminals to the Dublin Simon Community as part of its Christmas fundraising drive. So punters can now tap their phones as they pass by.

As the contactless units accept both contactless and chip-and-pin transactions, Dublin Simon can receive card donations over the €30 contactless limit, and the bank promised to cover all transaction and processing costs for the Christmas period.

According to John Sansome from the Dublin Simon Community, “Bringing new ways for the public to donate to Simon will make a big difference to our fundraising volunteers”.

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