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About Us

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  • Is Spirit Radio a registered Charity?
    Spirit Radio is a Not For Profit organisation and has charitable status (CHY 17448).  Our board of directors are unpaid and represent a broad spectrum of the Christian community. Spirit Radio is a 'Company Limited by Guarantee Without A Share'. (There are no shareholders)  (Company Number 428029).
  • What the best way to get in contact with Spirit Radio?
    Click on our contact us form
  • What frequency does Spirit Radio broadcast on?
    Spirit Radio is Currently broadcasting in FM Ireland on : Dublin: 89.9 | Limerick: 89.8 | Galway: 91.7 | Cork:90.9 | Waterford: 90.1 and on 549MW nationally
  • Do you have any voluntary roles available? I would love to help out.
    Yes we are always looking for committed volunteers to help run the station. Radio experience is preferred but not essential. Please contact us here .

Listen Help

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  • Can I use the Opera browser to listen online?
    Our listen online player does not currently support Opera. However, you can listen online with
    • Internet Explorer (Windows)
    • Firefox (Windows and/or Mac OSX)
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari (Mac OSX)
  • I set up the listen online player to use Windows Media but my player gets stuck on “Connecting” or “Ready” and I don’t hear any sound.
    The Internet connection you're using to listen online is not allowing a commonly used streaming protocol called RTSP. Windows Media Player can easily be configured to bypass the RTSP protocol and use another common protocol called HTTP. To do this, within the Windows Media Player program on your computer, go to the Tools menu and select Options. Then click on the Network Tab and make sure only HTTP is checked. Press OK.
  • I want to listen online but it isn’t working. Do you have any suggestions?
    Have you checked our Frequently Asked Questions options , if you're still having problems, contact us and include details of the issue you are trying to resolve. If you are just getting started, click the listen live button at the top of the screen and our player will launch. If you are having further problems, try clearing your cache and cookies on your browser. You can delete your cookies by
    1. clicking "Tools" in your browser window
    2. selecting "Delete Browsing History."
    3. Make sure your cookies are checked and then click "Delete."
    4. This area can also be accessed in the "Tools" menu under "Internet Options."
    There is a section devoted to "Browsing History." Warning: By deleting your cookies, you will delete any previously stored information. (passwords, personal information, auto-filled forms).
  • I can listen online but it stops frequently. Can this be fixed?
    This is one of the more common issues seen on the Internet. You may be experiencing interruptions on your Internet connection. This causes the listen online player to re-buffer. If the problem persists, click setup on the listen online player and choose low quality. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, contact us.
  • I click “Listen Online” but don’t hear sound or hear distorted sound.
    1. Check your speaker and/or headphones connections.
    2. If using speakers, check to make sure the speakers are on.
    3. Check the sound settings on your computer to insure your speakers and/or headphones are not muted.
    4. Visit and install the latest free version of Adobe Flash Player
  • Can I still listen with Windows Media Player or other local player on my computer?
    Yes, From the Listen Online player, click the media player you want on your local PC/MAC.
  • I click “Listen Online” but nothing happens.
    You may have a pop-up or ad blocker program installed on your computer that is preventing the listen online player from displaying. While many types of pop-up blockers are available on the Internet, most are located within a toolbar and may appear at the top of your browser. Disable your pop-up blocker or instruct it to "allow pop-ups from
  • How can I listen online?
    Online here : Listen live
  • How can I get the iPhone app?
    Our iphone app is now available. Search for it in the App Store or use this link: itunes
  • Do you have an android app?

Support Us

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  • How can I donate to the radio station?
    We really appreciate any donation. You can make a donation to the radio station by clicking on our donate page here

Spirit Radio is a Not For Profit organisation, and has charitable status (CHY 17448)
Spirit Radio is a 'Company Limited by Guarantee Without Share' (There are no shareholders - Company Number 428029).
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