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Listener Comments:

Thank you so much for being there. Spirit Radio is a very positive radio station!
Love everything you do!
Love the station and the work you’re doing in Ireland! My family and I listen everyday from Indiana, USA.
Love The Word for Today, the Positive News Stories
I enjoy phone ins & chat shows!
The Morning Show is brilliant especially with chat from the likes of David Quinn, Ronan Mullan
It’s very fresh to have a Christian late night chat that I can listen to, enjoy, have fun, laugh & actually get some great advice. Thank u Spirit Radio!
love love spirit radio, have reconnected to God’s love in a modern way
I am happy that I came across Spirit Radio on my car radio. Some days when I am feeling low , I hear something on the radio and I know I am not alone.
Thought for the day makes one sit back and think about whats important in life.
Thank you and you should know you have made a difference to my life . Keep up the good work , we need you now more than ever.
The ’Moments’ often challenge me personally and in a helpful way.
As a Christian, to have a radio station I can tune into that I know has Christian-friendly content & music is so nice!
Life Blog = great.
I love the chat shows
Keep up the good work – you are keeping people inspired and motivated.
Thank you so much for these Words of Encouragement, Ireland needs them. I thank God for this witness across our land.
Good news stories are great as everywhere else has nothing but bad ones.
If I’m running out the door and i know the news is almost over i will wait to hear ”the word for today” and i carry it with me all day.
Sunday late night chat show is compulsive listening
Keep up the good work u all. Through faith and patience we inherit the promises – Hebrews 6:12 (Paul)
Spirit is the best thing has happened in years on the radio, in Irish Chrisianity and life…dont ever stop
Your news is essential for a balanced understanding of what is really happening.
Chat shows are interesting and thoughtful.
I really enjoy the Family Minute and the LifeWords in particular – I find them very inspirational.
The thought for the day is always very good, keep them coming.
I love the late night chat shows… they’re great craic & I always learn something.
I always find the music so inspirational.


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