A Cork woman, is believed to be the first person with Down Syndrome to become a blacksmith in Ireland. Jessie from Castletownbere, began working alongside her dad Ryan when she was just sixteen, and is now a fully trained blacksmith who makes sculptures and jewellery. Recently they have established an online company called ‘Born Transcendent’, […]


22nd April 2024

Californian based Judge, John Philips lost count of the number of minors he had sent to prison, for crimes committed during a violent, unguided, and hopeless adolescence. He says, “You send these young people to prison, and they learn to become harder criminals,” so he decided to try to find a better way. This led […]

In Florida, music teacher Matthew Weihmuller uses his disability as a teaching tool. Matthew is blind and teaches jazz saxophone at a Tampa performing arts conservatory. He is an accomplished musician and has taught advanced and basic jazz, as well as improvisation, and has previously featured on TV. Matthew encourages his students to feel the […]


18th March 2024

In 1947, teenage Bedouin shepherds made of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century, when they found ancient parchments, now known as the Dead Sea Scrolls, hidden deep in the Qumran Caves.  Since then there have been extensive excavations carried out, and it was discovered that dozens of Jewish people had taken refuge […]


26th February 2024

In a school in Cork, one very special staff member arrives at 8am every morning where his first job is to greet students who might otherwise have anxiety coming in. Deano the labrador has improved school attendance, literacy and behaviour as part of an innovative Community Dog programme run by Irish Guide Dogs for the […]


9th February 2024

When Iowa teenager, Lauren Schroeder decided to volunteer at her local community food drive she noticed that a lot of the food was processed and canned rather than fresh nutritious ingredients. She decided to become the change she wanted to see, and used half an acre of her parent’s land to grow over 3000 kgs […]

Some children have a terrible start to life, but those who overcome their difficulties can really inspire others. This is just the case for Ernie Gawilan, the Philippines’ first ever gold medalist at the Asian Para Games. The impressive young athlete survived an abortion attempt, however as a result, he was left missing both of […]


12th January 2024

One rainy day many years ago, Peter Richards and his wife noticed a pair of lads who were shivering under the eaves of their cottage after getting a soaking.  The couple invited David and his friend Norman, inside to dry off and have some tea, and discovered that they were art students who were hitchhiking […]


28th November 2023

“Would you like to share your story with me?” The elderly woman sits down gently beside a slight man who sits with his head bowed on a simple wooden bench shaded by wild banana trees, in Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare. The Friendship bench is an initiative was launched with the idea of combating depression and […]


6th November 2023

When Nick Vujicic was born without arms and legs, doctors apologized to his parents for not picking up on his condition and offering them an abortion. However, the baby who was given a bleak outlook for his life, has now become a man who travels the world and who has become a beacon of hope […]

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