Written by on 21st June 2024

Jeffrey Williams, is a NASA astronaut, who has taken part in four space missions, spending time on the International Space Station.  His experience has convinced him that science and the Bible are in harmony and actually complement each other.

He believes that the Bible supports and informs science with the elements of the mathematical order of God’s creation, which can be seen in physics, chemistry, and music.

While in space, Jeffrey saw the Earth’s beauty from afar, “It was an amazing experience to look back at the part of the universe that we call home, – which as the prophet Isaiah says – is uniquely provisioned for our habitation –– and then look at all those details such as the cloud formations, weather patterns and the currents across the oceans, and looking out into the heavens in the dark, you could see an infinite number of stars, far more than you can see from the ground.”

Jeffrey’s views offer a unique perspective on the harmony between science and the Bible and encourages people to see that science does not contradict Christianity but rather that they can inform and enrich each other.

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