Month: January 2024

Some children have a terrible start to life, but those who overcome their difficulties can really inspire others. This is just the case for Ernie Gawilan, the Philippines’ first ever gold medalist at the Asian Para Games. The impressive young athlete survived an abortion attempt, however as a result, he was left missing both of […]

6 – 8 February 2024 The Christian Institute is an evangelical Christian Charity based in the UK that defends Judeo/Christian values.  They have a strong track record over a good number of years in N. Ireland and the rest of the UK.In 2020 they helped over 200 Christian parents, teachers and school principals with practical […]

Bear Grylls, the renowned survivalist and author, has faced countless challenges in his life, from summiting Mount Everest at a young age to recovering from a skydiving accident. Recently though, Bear took a significant step in his spiritual journey by getting baptized in the Jordan River – the very place where Jesus Christ was baptized. […]


12th January 2024

One rainy day many years ago, Peter Richards and his wife noticed a pair of lads who were shivering under the eaves of their cottage after getting a soaking.  The couple invited David and his friend Norman, inside to dry off and have some tea, and discovered that they were art students who were hitchhiking […]

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