Month: June 2024

The widely acclaimed streaming series ‘The Chosen’ has achieved another milestone, taking the No. 1 spot in the Apple TV App Store during the first week of June, coinciding with the release of the first episode of its much-anticipated fourth season. Additionally, the series reached the No. 2 position in the overall free app chart […]


21st June 2024

Jeffrey Williams, is a NASA astronaut, who has taken part in four space missions, spending time on the International Space Station.  His experience has convinced him that science and the Bible are in harmony and actually complement each other. He believes that the Bible supports and informs science with the elements of the mathematical order […]

Russell Brand has called his first month as a Christian “beautiful” and a “big change”. The actor and comedian, who is facing serious sexual misconduct allegations, shared his thoughts with his social media followers following his baptism last month. The 48 year old was baptised in the River Thames after exploring Christianity for several months. […]

Cork boy is first person in 150 years to find rare piece of quartz Ben O’Driscoll, aged seven, from Mallow, has been officially recognised by the National Museum of Ireland as the first person in 150 years to find a piece of cotterite quartz — the world’s rarest form of quartz — anywhere on Earth. […]

Choose the Giver over the Gifts At one time my favourite car was the Alpha Romeo. The little Italian sporty job… with the alloys… The designers came up with this nifty trick of concealing the rear door handles in the black trim… hmmm nice! As the family grew, I started to dream about the nine-seater […]

1st June 2024

Rest… Rest… another one of God’s really good ideas. Think about it – every day we stop – climb into bed and sleep for 7 or 8 hours. God could have designed us to run for a week on one night’s sleep… but no, every day our body tells us it’s time to rest!! I […]

Joy – Impacts the Growth of your Brain OK.. so this is amazing… According to scientists, there’s an area in the brain that grows every time you see someone’s face lighting up to see you. Every time you hear a warm welcome in someone’s voice. Yep, apparently this part of your brain can detect and […]

The Benefits of Gratitude Jenny had agreed to take part in the study and sat down to complete the survey. The opening statement read… I have so much in life to be thankful for. Asked how much she agreed with the statement, Jenny thought about it for a while…. eventually deciding that yes, she did […]

The Sitcom Friends was a TV show that somehow hit the sweet spot. Launched in 1994, the series was set in New York,  and followed the day-to-day lives of a group of six 20-something friends. And while the characters do get romantically involved with each other from time to time… Romance is not the central […]

Notre Dame Cathedral On April 2019 a fire broke out in the Notre Dame Cathedral destroying the spire and roof. Lauded as an architectural wonder the Cathedral had been attracting 12 million visitors a year. It truly is a sight to behold. The best teams have been brought in to restore the building with the […]

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