Month: April 2024

Tributes are being paid to Grammy-winning singer Mandisa Lynn Hundley who has died at the age of 47. Mandisa took part in American Idol and followed that with chart-topping hits such as “Overcomer,” “Stronger,” and “Good Morning,” becoming a household name in the realm of contemporary Christian music, which earned her many accolades and awards. […]


22nd April 2024

Californian based Judge, John Philips lost count of the number of minors he had sent to prison, for crimes committed during a violent, unguided, and hopeless adolescence. He says, “You send these young people to prison, and they learn to become harder criminals,” so he decided to try to find a better way. This led […]

In Florida, music teacher Matthew Weihmuller uses his disability as a teaching tool. Matthew is blind and teaches jazz saxophone at a Tampa performing arts conservatory. He is an accomplished musician and has taught advanced and basic jazz, as well as improvisation, and has previously featured on TV. Matthew encourages his students to feel the […]

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