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Written by on 22nd April 2024

Tributes are being paid to Grammy-winning singer Mandisa Lynn Hundley who has died at the age of 47.

Mandisa took part in American Idol and followed that with chart-topping hits such as “Overcomer,” “Stronger,” and “Good Morning,” becoming a household name in the realm of contemporary Christian music, which earned her many accolades and awards.

She was open in sharing her journey of faith, and her own personal struggles and triumphs inspiring many others to persevere through life’s challenges and find strength in their relationship with God.

Mandisa’s impact extended far beyond the stage, as she used her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and body positivity, sharing her own experiences and encouraging others to embrace their worth and value as beloved children of God.

In the wake of her passing, tributes have poured in from fans, fellow artists, and industry colleagues, honoring Mandisa and celebrating the legacy of love and hope she leaves behind. Her music will continue to uplift and inspire generations to come, serving as a reminder of the power of faith, perseverance, and the unending grace of God.

Paula Abdul, who was a judge during her American Idol season in 2006, called her a “true beacon of light”, and said “Her warmth and unwavering kindness towards everyone, even in the face of harsh criticism, was truly unmatched. Not only was she a beautiful person, but she was also a true powerhouse performer. I still think of her taking the stage during American Idol to perform her rendition of Chaka Khan‘s ‘I’m Every Woman’ and absolutely brought the house down, I’ll always remember her poise, grace and dignity — and how could anyone forget those incomparable vocals!”

Another Idol star Danny Gokey said “Devastated to hear about the sudden loss of Mandisa. Not only did we connect over being American Idol alumni—we had a great time on the road doing several tours together. Her joy was infectious & I loved her heart to encourage people on & off stage! When I made my debut in Christian music she was my greatest supporter. It wasn’t easy coming off my first failed record deal after the show but she was the one who welcomed me first and loudest and rallied everyone to support me. Mandisa you left too soon—our community will never be the same without you.”

Natalie Grant “I can’t quite find the words. When I learned of your passing yesterday, I begged God for it not to be true. I remember making our Opry debut together. We were so excited. But I remember our conversation so vividly. You belonged there. You always belonged, Disa. Your smile and infectious spirit lit up every room. You were a true champion of others. I was the benefactor of your encouragement more times than I can count. Thankful for your music, your honesty and testimony that helped thousands upon thousands of people find the hope of Jesus. I loved sitting by you at awards shows so we could geek out at every performance. We were both true Christian music fans, and unashamed of it. I remember when you FINALLY became a football fan. Your love for the titans rivaled my love for my Seahawks.
I loved your laugh. You were a true beauty inside and out. There will be a hole in the heart of our community that will never be filled until we see you again. I rejoice that you’re in the arms of Jesus, whole in every way, and understanding just how completely loved you have always been. Love you, my friend”

TobyMac “We lost a beautiful soul… I have never met an artist who is more encouraging and supportive to other artists than Mandisa. She was honest and authentic but I always left her side feeling better. She watched every act, every night on every tour singing along with a smile that made you feel alive. From “Lose My Soul” to “Bleed the Same” to “Good Mornin’” I was honored not only to collaborate with her but to call her friend. She was honest about her struggles and viewed her break throughs as an opportunity to let others know that they can experience victories just like her. She saw us as a family. God’s family. In all our diversity. All flawed. And all in need of the love of a Good Father, a Heavenly Father. I know her battle is over but I will always treasure her memory and that smile and infectious laugh that I had the pleasure of experiencing so often.”

Steven Curtis Chapman “Heartbroken over the loss of this beautiful soul. Her voice, her heart, her joy will be missed by us all this side of Heaven…and so thankful for the living hope that she sang (& now sings in the presence of Jesus) so powerfully about…it’s all true!”

Love and the Outcome “At a loss for words, so heartbroken over the news of our friend Mandisa passing away. We were just looking back over these tour clips, our first one as a family of four. Milo called her “auntie Disa”, and she often held Ziggy while we sound checked. He was eight weeks old. She loved singing “King of my heart” and playing my drum, and she did it so well! I loved watching her rock out while I attempted the kit. She was such a light, radiated joy and was also so honest during our tour bible studies about how she was doing day to day. Really can’t believe she’s gone.”

Jason Crabb “Mandisa was a friend to everybody. I was blessed enough to share the stage with her numerous times and watched her bring people together. She lit up every room and everyone around her. Her music & story touched many with the love of Jesus. Join me in praying for her family today.”Matthew West “I am so incredibly saddened to hear about the loss of my friend Mandisa. I will always cherish the memories of times we spent together hosting award shows, going on tour, and most of all helping her tell her story in the songwriting room.”

Rachel Hale “Devastated by the loss of  Mandisa, was a source of encouragement, faith, and love to so many including me. Right after I finished my season of American Idol Mandisa took me under her wing. She made sure I had someone to talk to and process with. Mandisa constantly encouraged my music endeavors and pursuit of Jesus. When I was in ministry school, she supported mission trips and my time with Increase Global. She always empowered the women around her, and I’m so grateful for the impact she made on my life. Mandisa, thank you for leaving a beautiful legacy. I know I will see you again. Love you sweet friend.”

An Instagram statement on her page said: “Mandisa was a voice of encouragement and truth to people facing life’s challenges all around the world. She wrote this song for a dear friend who had passed in 2017. Her own words say it best.

“I’m already home
You’ve got to lay it down
’cause Jesus holds me now—
And I am not alone”

We ask for your prayers for her family and close knit circle of friends during this incredibly difficult time.”

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