Volunteering with Spirit Radio

Volunteers are the backbone of Spirit Radio.

The people that work with Spirit Radio have a clear sense of mission. All the team recognise the unique opportunity that the station has to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the many people across Ireland who are searching for both hope and direction.

Volunteers are carrying responsibility and making things happen in just about every department including:

  • Presenting both music and chat shows
  • News Reading
  • Research
  • Sales
  • Admin
  • Public Relations
  • Website Communications
  • Audio Production
  • Social Networking

What does it take to be a Volunteer?

Radio is a pressured environment. It is deadline driven. All of our team need to be dedicated, reliable and mission driven.

*Current Volunteer Opportunities*

Like to volunteer with Spirit Radio?

Complete the questions below and email your application to [email protected]

  1. Spirit Radio is a Christian radio station. Outline your interest in Christian radio?
  2. Describe the contribution that you believe Christian Radio can make in Ireland today?
  3. Describe the best elements of your current or most recent employment?
  4. Please outline what you see as your main areas of skill, eg.. computer, phone, sound engineering, administration, customer relations, database management, cleaning, presenting, research, editing work, website, newsreading .. other?
  5. Please be specific if there is a particular area in which you would like to volunteer?
  6. Describe any previous radio experience that you have had?
  7. What availability do you have for voluntary work? Please describe hours that will work best for you?
  8. Are you currently employed? Describe your current work?
  9. Please give the names and contact details of two people who could act as referees for your work and character?
  10. Please include all your relevant contact details, full name – address – phone – email?
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