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Listener Comments:

Your news is essential for a balanced understanding of what is really happening.
Thank you so much for being there. Spirit Radio is a very positive radio station!
Thank you so much for these Words of Encouragement, Ireland needs them. I thank God for this witness across our land.
Love The Word for Today, the Positive News Stories
I love the late night chat shows… they’re great craic & I always learn something.
Life Blog = great.
The ’Moments’ often challenge me personally and in a helpful way.
I enjoy phone ins & chat shows!
Good news stories are great as everywhere else has nothing but bad ones.
Chat shows are interesting and thoughtful.
Love the station and the work you’re doing in Ireland! My family and I listen everyday from Indiana, USA.
Thank you and you should know you have made a difference to my life . Keep up the good work , we need you now more than ever.
The Morning Show is brilliant especially with chat from the likes of David Quinn, Ronan Mullan
Spirit is the best thing has happened in years on the radio, in Irish Chrisianity and life…dont ever stop
As a Christian, to have a radio station I can tune into that I know has Christian-friendly content & music is so nice!
I am happy that I came across Spirit Radio on my car radio. Some days when I am feeling low , I hear something on the radio and I know I am not alone.
love love spirit radio, have reconnected to God’s love in a modern way
It’s very fresh to have a Christian late night chat that I can listen to, enjoy, have fun, laugh & actually get some great advice. Thank u Spirit Radio!
Keep up the good work – you are keeping people inspired and motivated.
Sunday late night chat show is compulsive listening
If I’m running out the door and i know the news is almost over i will wait to hear ”the word for today” and i carry it with me all day.
I always find the music so inspirational.
Love everything you do!
Keep up the good work u all. Through faith and patience we inherit the promises – Hebrews 6:12 (Paul)
Thought for the day makes one sit back and think about whats important in life.
I really enjoy the Family Minute and the LifeWords in particular – I find them very inspirational.
The thought for the day is always very good, keep them coming.
I love the chat shows


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